My Loss is My Clients’ Gain

I have a confession: I really love sweets and carbs and this has led to extra padding and not much fitness.

I have always believed that a healthy body is the start of an active mind and joyous spirit. This has always conflicted with my inability to resist delicious, amazing chocolate. Oh the decadence and joy of it. *ahem* sorry, got distracted for a moment 😉

For years, I’ve been wanting to do something about my health, fitness and extra weight. I’ve resisted for reasons not always known to me (though, admittedly, a lot of it has to do with the above). I’ve tried typical deprivation diets, but only lasted a few days on each while I watched everyone around me enjoy the foods that I wasn’t allowed. This did not lend itself to a very happy virtual assistant.

Why am I making this confession to my little corner of the world? Simple. Three weeks ago I started a journey to get healthy and lose weight. I joined Weight Watchers – the “diet” that is really a lifestyle adaptation.

This time is different – don’t ask me why. I guess something just switched to *now* in me. Instead of hemming and hawing and talking myself out of it, I said to myself “That’s it. I’m done with feeling lousy. I’m done with being ashamed of how I look and what I eat. I need to do this for myself, my business, my clients and my dog.” She is very high-energy and I’ve been letting her down!

So I made a change. I applied the “5 Second Rule” (if you don’t have this book by Mel Robbins – get it! It’s fantastic!) and just did it. I joined Weight Watchers the very same day that I started thinking about it – before I could talk myself out of it by thinking of indulgent Christmas celebrations to come. Why wait for 2018 to start a New Year Resolution?

What does this have to do with Diverse Office Solutions? The answer is simple. Healthy life = healthy business. So, my question to you is: What are you doing in your life to create success in your business?

At Diverse Office Solutions, we believe that in life, as in business, timing is everything. The stars have to align – the right time, the right mindset, the right outside motivations and inner determination. This is the time for me to change. I have so much that I want to do in my life and my business, and many of those areas are intermingled. This is often the case for those of us who are self-employed. I have great vision for my life, business and clients. I want to be wholly present and fully engaged.

The healthier I am, the more clarity and focus I have, the more I can pass these benefits on to my esteemed clients. Nothing makes me happier than doing the best for my clients. I love the challenge of creating solutions that will both dazzle and impress, and contribute towards bringing their business to the next level.

In the past few weeks of eating better I have found myself able to focus better and longer – which means more efficiency on client projects. I’ve had more clarity and my mind has been more engaged. It’s amazed me how much better I feel already. I’m very eager about the future and about the further success I can bring to my clients.

I hope this season brings you love, laughter, great food and great company!

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